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There are no happy drug addicts! Do not let drugs take away your future!
Drug addiction: there is a way out! We will restore your health and drug-free life.

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A psychological dependence on the effects of psychoactive substances leads to the development of complex diseases: alcohol, drug addiction and substance abuse. They give rise to psychological or physical dependence, which manifests itself in a strong desire to use the active substance in order to relax, relieve stress, tension, and get rid of fatigue. Treatment of diseases caused by mental disorders includes the administering of medical drugs and psychotherapy.

Israeli medicine has reached the highest level in the rehabilitation of mentally dependent people. In particular, «Renaissance» Clinic has extensive work experience (over 17 years) with seriously ill patients. It carries out comprehensive treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, schizophrenia, postnatal depression, sexual disorders, phobias, insomnia. In order to prevent the development of the addiction syndrome, you should constantly monitor your state of health and if you detect symptoms of disease you should immediately consult a doctor.

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Licenses and letters of thanks

Leading specialists

Mark Zevin


He was specialized in psychotherapy and hypnosis on the basis of the Tel Aviv University…

Svetlana Belakovskaya

Заведующая центром заместительной терапии

Candidate of Medical Sciences. Doctor of the highest qualification category…

Anna Leibovich


Certified specialist in the Psychological and Social Rehabilitation…

Rachel Levin

Therapist psychodramatist

Rachel Levin is a therapist psychodramatist, master of the therapeutic groups…

Adam Yankilov

Руководитель программы

Adam Yankilov is a leading specialist in work with the dependent and co-dependent states…

Igor Borisovich Weisberg


   Igor Borisovich Weisberg is a neurologist. Doctor of the highest qualification category…


Narcological diseases destroy a person's life. In order to treat them, it is necessary to choose the most effective methods of modern medicine, as well as to find a medical center, which will provide anonymous rehabilitation of alcohol and drug addicted patients. "Renaissance" Clinic, which has treated neurological diseases for over 17 years, will help you to solve this problem. Each patient can be assured that his or her confidentiality will be maintained during treatment. By contacting the Israeli clinic "Renaissance", You can rid yourself completely of mental illness and be guaranteed that information will be kept confidential throughout the rehabilitation process.