The fight against drug addiction

The fight against drug addiction. Compulsory drug addiction treatment. Private detoxification clinic.

Prevention of drug addiction — an actual problem of the modern medicine. Drug addiction — a disease that fundamentally changes the human mind and causes a high dependence on taking the narcotic substances. It is very difficult to get rid of this disease independently.


Drug addiction treatment

Drug addiction treatment. Drug addiction. Teenage drug addiction. Prevention of drug addiction

Drug addiction is considered a serious illness, which consequences include the metabolic and thinking process disorders, memory loss and mental disorder. It occurs at different ages and affects both men and women.


How to help a drug addict?

How to help a drug addict? Narcological dispensary. Detoxification center. Drug addiction. Drug dependence

The person taking the drugs causes harm not only to himself/herself, but also to his/her family and people around him/her. It’s hard for him/her to overcome his/her own addiction, he/she needs help of his/her family. How to behave with a drug addict to awaken a desire to treat this disease…