What is it? Psychoanalysis was founded at the beginning of the XIX century by Austrian Sigmund Freud. By using this method it is possible to focus on the human issues, which he/she is not aware of. Freud offered to divide the psychical apparatus to consciousness («I») and unconscious («It»). Having…


Body-oriented therapy

Body (1)

What is it? Body-oriented therapy — a psychotherapy direction, in which the body is an integral part of the whole personality. By working with it, we can solve many problems of our patients and heal the soul.


Family psychotherapy


What is it? Family psychotherapy — direction in the psychotherapy, allowing adjusting the family relationships with the help of a complete analysis of any emotional distresses and interpersonal conflicts of any member of the family.


Rational psychotherapy


What is it? Rational psychotherapy — a therapy based on logic. A patient is convinced that he improperly estimates his/her condition, and his/her understanding of his/her own problems is very distorted. The psychotherapist, having thoroughly studied the patient’s personality, sequentially corrects the patient’s condition with the help of clear and…