Gestalt therapy


What is it?

 Gestalt therapy — a technique, which allows a person learning to live in the past and future, but to live in the present. By leaving the fantasies and removing the burden of unfinished things, it is easier to concentrate on the present day. Then a person becomes more emotional and sensual.

 Why is this necessary?

 Gestalt therapy allows us to understand the world around us, understand our needs and desires. It provides the ability to control our emotions, suppress fear and insults. Thus a person does soul-searching and learns to live with the responsibility for all his/her actions.

 What does it give?

Gestalt therapy
provides energy and allows a person living a real life. By leaving all the insults and unfulfilled hopes in the past, he/she gives himself/herself up to his/her feelings and begins to understand what it is more important to him/her at the moment.