Family psychotherapy


What is it?

Family psychotherapy — direction in the psychotherapy, allowing adjusting the family relationships with the help of a complete analysis of any emotional distresses and interpersonal conflicts of any member of the family.

Why is this necessary?

At the moment it is quite difficult for a human to adapt to society. And a disorder in the family relationships can lead to a complete dissonance. The family psychotherapy aims to identify and eliminate the family conflicts arising due to the psychological problems of one of its members.

What does it give?

The family therapy makes it possible to restore the family intimacy, teaches how to listen, understand and respect the opinions of others. By working in a group or individually, the person sees himself/herself from the outside and can adequately assess the situation. With the help of a family psychotherapist it is possible to solve the problems that are difficult to address alone and to establish constructive interaction inside the family. The family relationships become harmonious, and everyone in it has the ability to be his/her own self, enjoy life and be happy.