What is it?

Psychoanalysis was founded at the beginning of the XIX century by Austrian Sigmund Freud. By using this method it is possible to focus on the human issues, which he/she is not aware of. Freud offered to divide the psychical apparatus to consciousness («I») and unconscious («It»). Having armed with this knowledge, the psychiatrists began to look for the causes of diseases in human emotions and instincts.

Why is this necessary?

Psychoanalysis is a conversational technique of psychotherapy. A person begins to understand himself/herself better, when he/she talks about himself/herself and about the thing that presses upon him/her.

What does it give?

A specialist helps a person to expand his/her consciousness with the help of leading questions. Thus we can find the original cause of the problem. By realizing it, a person can get rid of pain and discomfort and live a full-fledged life.